The natural collagen of CollaDog PREMIUM products comes from the deep, inner layer of bovine skin. This layer is called the dermis,and unlike the top layer of the epidermis (where traditional rawhide comes from), this soft layer is more elastic and far more digestible.

The main building blocks of the dermis layer are collagen, elastin,and connective fibres, which are surrounded by a gel-like mass containing hyaluronic acid.

To make CollaDog PREMIUM products, the collagen layer is extracted from bovine hides by cutting off the top and bottom layers, and the remaining mass is then hand-shaped and air-dried over several weeks. The whole process is performed under conditions of total hygiene. The final product is then packaged without further modification or flavouring. It is therefore a first-class, handmade, 100% natural product.

Thanks to this, the product constantly retains its shape and texture (it does not soften, even when stored outside the packaging) until you give it to your pet as a treat between meals, or as a reward. As its saliva gradually rehydrates and softens the product, the dog can tear, chew, or swallow it without any problem.

In addition, during intensive chewing, the product’s mass exerts a strong, abrasive effect on the entire surface of the teeth, thereby removing plaque.

Collagen is easily absorbed and does not cause digestive problems, which can sometimes occur with rawhide products.

This very low-fat, high-protein treat helps dogs stay healthy.

CollaDog's beef collagen products are packed with protein (min. 80%) to support healthy digestion, soothe gastrointestinal problems, and to support muscle development and tissue regeneration. They are suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes.

CollaDog´s collagen products are also very good at preventing your dog from becoming bored. They are odourless and have a naturally delicious taste that even the pickiest dogs find attractive. Thanks to the type of source material, there can be no overdose.

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